Newborn Session w/ The Radvansky's

So, Adam and Kelsey (The Radvansky's) just had their first baby: Brooks Abrahm. I wanted to take a moment and share about some of the photos we took for their newborn pictures, discuss style, and editing too. 

Adam and Kelsey are probably the most photogenic couple I have ever met - they both are very natural in front of the camera and easily photographed. The baby, like all babies, squirms and makes cute noises while taking photos. However, he is a Radvansky, so he of course was easy to photograph, too. 

When we were taking pictures, Kelsey and I had decided it would be a good idea to go outside, and WOW am I so happy we did that. 

Here you see a sleeping little baby Brooks at Twilight. This is probably my favorite picture from this series. The way that the sun was setting was perfect, the sky light up with colors and shot across the suburban skyline. While I do use some presets, this image really needed no color correction, nor did it need color added. 

baby brooks

Specifically I increased the contrast, adjusted the shadows, and increased luminescence to give the baby a "soft and glowing" effect. A baby in a basket at twilight legitametly makes for gorgeous photos.