Ethan, Class of 2019.

Here we have Ethan, a senior at Grand Haven High School. He loves to skate and spend time with his friends. I really enjoyed getting to know Ethan through this photo session. I learned that even though there is almost a ten-year age gap between us, we actually have a lot in common. 

ethan senior 2018

As we all know, High School isn't necessarily "fun" but what makes it fun is the relationships we have with other people. Ethan moved to Grand Haven when he was in the 8th grade and said that it was quite the experience. Surprisingly, I learned that Ethan and I share the same home town. Moving isn't "fun" (similar to High School) but it is worth it in the end. Listening to Ethan share stories of how the location we chose for his Senior Photos was special to him, because that is where he chose to spend his time when he left his hometown, was amazing. 

ethan senior class of 2019

For Ethan, I could just tell he was a non-traditional guy when it came to Senior Photos; he is a skater and loves to adventure into new places with his friends. How cool is that? I was exactly that same way, even spent my time working at Pac Sun back when it was the place for skater kids. Now, skating is more than just something people do - there is a whole culture around it. I get it, someone would probably argue that it's always been like that, but I would have to disagree. The teens that are in the skating crowd now experience it differently than I did. 

ethan senior skate 2019 class of

Like I had mentioned earlier, for Ethan I chose something a little differnet: non-traditional edits of senior photos. Heavy color grading and losing traditional saturation is important for this style of editing; it was my goal to make Ethan look like he walked off a beach in LA to go skate the local boardwalks. He didn't bring his skateboard, unfortunately. 

ethan skate dime brand 2019 class of

Overall, this was probably my favorite senior photo session I have ever done. Not because we had perfect weather and perfect lighting (because we definitely did not) but because Ethan was such a cool guy to spend a Saturday morning with and he was such a natural in front of the camera. 

Ethan, here's to you dude. Best of luck in your senior year - life is better after High School - I promise you that.