Time Management

It is extremely interesting the way that life happens. I started working full time in 2012 and have been constantly employed full time since then. At that time, I was only 18 AND a freshman in college. It was such a risky decision - working full time and going to school full time. I was met with a lot of "You can't do that!" and "When will you have time for X?" and all these questions did was fuel me to learn how to accomplish what I wanted - in a smaller amount of time. 

What I have learned over the last six years on how to make the most of my time: 

  1. Minimize time-sucking activities: There have been periods of weeks where I go without watching Netflix or scrolling through social media. You would be saddened if you knew how much time the average person spends on these tasks. 
  2. Maximize down time: When you have time to yourself, do something that will have a massive impact on your mood or environment. Personal favorite: vacuuming or cleaning my bathroom. There is just something to be said about knowing that your space is clean and what that does to your mood. 
  3. Keep lists of things you want to accomplish: My to-do list usually has about ten to fifteen items on it at any current time. I have multiple "versions" of it stashed in different places throughout my living space. That way I have visual reminders of what I am trying to accomplish. 

Granted, what I did by working full time could be considered foolish - but I have loved every minute. I am extremely blessed, and I owe all to Jesus Christ. Life is a beautiful thing and unfortunately we often forget that. Try to remember that when you go about your day to day today - see what things you can identify that you are grateful for.