2,000,000 Views on my Stock Photography

Crazy to think that I had just begun taking stock photography in January of 2018 - learning what people want to see and how they need it to look for their work.

Today, 7/25/2018 I received an email from (the stock site I use) saying that I had reached a NEW MILESTONE! 2 Million views and over 4,600 downloads on my work. 

It was neat because an individual actually found my Facebook page for my photography and had sent me a private message about the Undivided Ranch photo shoot with my cousin. The individual was writing wholesome stories that had a Twilight vibe to share with people to encourage reading through a foundation they created. SO COOL. My photography is making a small impact for 4,600+ people and that feels pretty neat to know. 

Makes me wonder, if I was to write a book or something like that, would I enjoy it? I have enjoyed blogging more than I enjoy social media, and I am obviously even willing to pay for this when social media is free. There is something to be said about purchasing your own domain and then creating a site for you to use, and this had also really inspired my use of Pexels because when I had no images, I downloaded photos from Pexels. 

Ramble, ramble, ramble.